Down Memory Lane

We offer you an opportunity to acknowledge and honor the important role your pet played in your life.  Here you may place an article, an anecdote, a poem, a song, a letter, or a eulogy for your pet - as a way of saying an in-depth, thorough good-bye.  Say what your relationship gave you and tell how your life will be influenced by having known and loved your pet.

Feel free to read through these memorials.  You may add to this ongoing memorial by emailing us at, and don't forget to send us a picture of your beloved pet.

Smurfy Murphy

I dont know where to begin. Murphy has been with us for at least 8 years until Nov. 15, 2015.

I remember the first time I met him, it was by accident. My plan was to go and adopt a smaller breed chihuahua for my youngest daughter's Christmas present. As I entered the building, very eager, looking at the different breeds while passing many cages I became side tracked by this excessive barking, short haired cutie pie (not sure what his breed or sex was then). Immediately I knew he was the one. For two weeks I went to visit him for two or more hours a day just to make sure I was right for him. On the third week, I decided it was about time to introduce him to the rest of the family, and home we went from that day until his last day. We were inseperable, he was the best protector, loyal friend and my very own four legged counselor who charged me nothing to listen to anything I may have been going through and needed to let it out (no one can tell me he didn't understand he just couldn't talk). Of course as time went on, my youngest daughter didn't want the responsibility of taking care of him, so Murphy and I became a team. He's helped me get through some tough times because he was so aggressive, spoiled with a HUGE personality and soooo worrysome (at times). I wasn't able to waddle in sorrow, for that reason I'm forever greatful. I'll never forget him, as I write, I cry, he was the best, he was popular, everyone knew him he was a 12 lb. dog, but he had the heart of a 1200 lb. dog... Not afraid of anything or anyone.

Thank you Heavenly Days staff for your assistance, patience, kindness and understanding at this sad time in my life. I know everything will be ok, I just have to get there.

RIP Murph

I sure wish you were here to worry me some more. May God continue to Bless, Guide and Protect us all.

Goodnight... Your dog mom Queen.

In Memory of Kuzya

Kuzya left us on September 1st 2015 after suffering from a disease of the last 1.5 years. We were preparing ourselves for this day but when the day comes you realize that it's not possible to prepare... We are devastated and still healing from this trauma in our life. He was more than a dog, he was a member of our family. He gave us so much love and great moments for the 6.5 years he was with us. We did everything we could to save him.

Kuzya please forgive us if there was something we didn't do right.

Rest in piece Kuzya
02/18/2009 - 09/01/2015

We will always love you Kuzya.
Anya & Sasha

K-9 Kenny

Montgomery County, Maryland
Department of Police

Don't grieve for me I served you well
I loved you more than you could ever tell.
I am now an angel in blue.
I laid my life on the line for you.
I wore my badge with honor every day,
To keep citizens safe & out of harms way.
So when you see a badge worn with pride,
Remember their comrades and friends that have died.


Thank you for taking care of Kenny :)

Putti Lee

My angel baby Putti Lee, a red rough Brussels Griffon passed away on June 29 - 3 days after her 16th birthday. She was my first, very first dog. I fell in love with the breed after the movie "As Good as It Gets" and researched the heck out of it and these monkey face dogs and found the absolute best breeder in the US. At least I thought so. I drove 10 hours, with my mom, to Wheeling, Ohio to pick her up. A ride to Vienna VA from DC is usually a challenge to me, as was riding with my mom. Silence to her was only something to break. But, now they are both gone and I have more silence then I need.

As we went inside to meet this little girl, I smile as I remember my mother's "stage whisper" Sheri Lee, she is so ugly - are you sure. Within 5 seconds as her litter mates knocked her over to get to the food and she got up completely undeterred and unruffled I knew this little 2 1/2 pound monkey face, at that time called Remy, was to be mine.

Putti was an amazing spirit. She loved but never really needed me ( oh other than food, clothing, and shelter ). She was all of 7.5 pounds but could take care of herself in any situation. She was self-confident, gregarious, playful, tenacious, kind, loving and had a most indomitable spirit and the presence of a Great Dane. I will never forget walking to the corner of the block with her as she stopped and stared at a big old black and white sheep dog - within 30 seconds all 120 pounds of that dog was on its back with Putti standing over staring down. Putti did not even bark. Or when she ran down the alley behind my home and brought back a palm fron 10 times her size for me to toss so she could play "fetchie" with it.

Oh my G-d did I love my companion and her spirit, and I am so grateful and aware of what she as well as my mom taught me - to love unconditionally. We humans need to learn more of how to love like that. Little Putti with a heart as big as the sky....goodbye my angel baby....I know some little piece of your spirit resides in me. And I share मैत्री Maitri for all of you from Putti Lee and me.

Charlie Brown

July 2001 – September 2014

To our smart and handsome Charlie Brown,

Although you were a small little dog, you had a presence that filled our entire home. It’s impossible to express our thoughts and feelings with only a few words but thank you for the years of happiness and joy you brought to our lives, for bringing us comfort in times when we were sad or lonely, and always protecting our family and our home (with a little too much dedication!). You were not just a dog to us, but an important member of our family – and definitely one of a kind! We can’t remember a time when you weren’t part of our everyday lives. The day you left brought us so much emptiness and heartache but now you are at peace and for that we have some comfort. We love and miss you so much and can’t wait to see you do your trademark gallop along the beach again. You will be in our hearts forever and we think about you all the time.

Mom, Dad, Frances, Jonathan, and Phoebe

Sheba & Asia

It has been a good amount of time since my two girls passed. Asia in November of 2012 and Sheba in September of 2013... Yes, it has taken this long to sit down and write about my experience. These two balls of fur enraptured my heart and forever make me smile. Even though they are gone, I think of them often and know I owe so much to them. Their love has carried me through; their need for care and a Mom has kept me going. They were a part of my family and are missed dearly.

Sheba & Asia were my first ever cats. I had always been a dog person until I met them. They came with the relationship to my boyfriend at the time, being allergic to kitties, I wondered if we would make it as well as if I could ever love them the way he did. Asia was a beautifully and sleek black DSH, who had bright green eyes, tiny little kitty feet, and a head that was too small for her body. She was my little chub rock, she loved to eat - when I came in the picture I had to put her on a diet in fear her weight would cause health problems... But she was always a little robust, even after losing a few pounds. Sheba was a Russian Blue mix; she had the beautiful gray fluffy fur, big round yellow/green eyes, an adorable face that demanded love. She was graceful and calm, but could really destroy a ratty-rat. :")

These girls made sure I fell in love with them. Allergies and all, I cuddled, loved up on, and spoiled them rotten. They were not like any cats I had ever met. You're typical "aloof, stand-offish, and I own the world" cat mentality did not apply. They were selfless and fiercely loyal. They loved their Dad, and because he loved me, they gave me their complete trust and loved me just as hard as they did him.

Over time, Asia became my baby. She and I bonded and she was always by my side, ready to snuggle and sleep and play whenever invited. Sheba was always Daddy's Little Girl, forever by his side. We were a little family and although I missed having a dog, they filled every void and kept me completely enamored by their love, playfulness, and odd cat behaviors. Asia and I shared a love of food; she was a big girl and was always there to remind me when it was dinner time. Her yowls for wet food at 8 pm were adorable, and she loved to get in the way of whatever you were doing until you stopped and fed her. Sheba was a sensitive soul, she had an intuition about people and when they were feeling sad she would stick to them like glue. There was never a time that I cried where she wouldn't show up and lick my tears and snuggle into me. She always seemed to want to make it better, kiss the boo-boo's, and take away the hurt. Sheba & Asia had been sisters since they were 8 & 12 weeks old. My boyfriend adopted them a few weeks apart and they have always been very, very bonded. Sleeping in the same kitty beds together, playing cat & mouse together, grooming one another - they were sisters.

I only knew Asia for 4 years before the hyperthyroidism got the best of her. She was diagnosed in 2011, and held out for nearly a year before it dragged her downhill. We gave her the best medical care we could. I am lucky to work in an animal hospital and had wonderful co-workers and doctors that loved her dearly and did as much as they could for her. Unfortunately, even with regulating her thyroid and keeping her on medication she developed cardiomyopathy and was gone much too soon. The loss of Asia broke my heart. She was 14 1/2 when we had to put her down and it was a devastating and tragic night when we lost her.

Sheba was very sad without Asia around. I know that as a Mom I grieved the loss of my baby, but there was a short time after Asia passed, I really wondered if Sheba would make it through her grief. She did eventually bounce back, but soon after she started seeming "normal" again she was diagnosed with a vaccine induced sarcoma on her front left shoulder. It was aggressive and although we removed it right away, it was back rather quickly. Making the decision to allow her to live out her remaining days in peace instead of amputating her leg, not knowing if it would save her - was another difficult decision for us. She was elderly, and although no cost in the world could stop us from giving her the world, it didn't seem fair to put her through so much when she was already so old. Along with the cancer she was dealing with renal disease, and I knew if it wasn't the cancer that took her, eventually that would win out.

We monitored Sheba and cared for her until it was time. The renal failure was manageable for some time, but as those things do, it slowly caused her to deteriorate. We had to decide to have her put to sleep, and did our best to not let her suffer. She was nearly 16 when it was time to let her go. We gave her all the love and goodies in the world and allowed for her to pass in our arms, and in dearest Sheba fashion, up until the moment she was sedated - she continued to try and soothe us and take away our tears. Her final breaths were spent licking and nuzzling us.

These girls gave to me so much that I can never repay them. I am now not a dog lover, but an animal lover. I know I will always have cats, and that I will always give them the best that I can, because our animals are what make us whole. My heart is heavy as I reminisce about my girls. I love them dearly and keep them with me in my heart always. We cannot repay our animals for their unconditional love; all that we can do is try to do the same for them in return. I hope my baby girls know how dearly I love them, and how much they are missed.

-Sheba & Asia's Momma


October 12, 2014

I lost my cat Miracle of 8 years to breast cancer yesterday Oct. 11, 2014. I started to notice she wasn't herself so I started to check her over that's when I found a lump. It was then I knew I was going have to make a very hard decision to put her down, 2 days later I did just that. I ended her pain. I held her when they gave her the shot I continued to hold her till they said I needed to go. I had her cremated so I could hold on to her for life. I would miss her cuddles, her meow, her licks, and her chasing that tail of hers. I love you mama-bear your human mommy will never forget you.


Jada picked me to be hers when she was 6 weeks old and in “kitty jail” for unruly behavior – a cage on the floor separate from the other kittens in the window display in a pet store in the mall (back when they used to have those). I was looking in the big display, and felt something tugging at my pants leg – it was her. I scooped her up and took her home, and spent the next 16 years learning the meaning of unconditional love. She was the sweetest, softest, most loving cat I have ever met, my little princess. She snuggled with me every night, and would make anyone who was lucky enough to meet her fall in love on sight.

In the couple of weeks prior to her passing, I noticed a change in her behavior and took her to the vet for some blood work on a Friday. By that Sunday, she had stopped eating and drinking, and Monday I was told that her kidneys were completely failing and probably had been for some months without any outward signs. I was absolutely devastated. I said my final goodbye to her on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014. I could not bear to see her in any more pain, just as she would always comfort me when she saw that I was in pain. I love her, and miss her every single day.

The staff at Heavenly Days has been absolutely phenomenal throughout this entire process. They are so caring, I couldn’t have asked for better for my Jada. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and my little baby.

RIP my baby girl Jada, aka Jadles, aka Miss J, aka the one who stole my heart. I hope I’ve shown you half the love you’ve shown me.




16 Years of Love

2009 - 2014

Aerialist, paw artist, and maestro of meows, Hobart was an amazing, mischievous, loving friend whose life enriched ours and ended much too soon. He was FIV+ when he came to us as a young kitty in 2010, but we had four good years together before the disease took over. Never a day went by that his big, beautiful, resonant purr didn't fill a whole room as we rubbed his ears just the way he liked. He purred in my lap until the very end.


6/19/1999 - 7/10/2013

Lady joined our family on June 19,1999. We shared so many memories good and bad. I will never forget the day we brought you home. We will forever share a bond that will NEVER be broken. You got me through break ups, the day I got my drivers license, Christmas, sickness and the whole nine yards. You stayed with me every step of the way. I dreaded the day you were taken away. Lady you are forever in my heart and always my best friend.



1996- 2014

Born the day Bill Clinton was re-elected, all wrong as an Ocicat (Siamese, Abyssinian & Tabby), a fancy giveaway. With the tone and iridescence of a pussy willow bud, but with a mauve cast and phantom spots and stripes. Favorite foods: nori, chicken, either vindaloo or jerk. Tried frantically to rescue me from the tub every time I’d take a bath. Would meow at the end of every line of Happy Birthday, and was infinitely patient with small children. Shut my computer down 5x a week, and made my young son laugh every day. Hand-holder. Has been obsessed with staring deeply and closely into the computer for months. The vet & assistants couldn’t believe his soft fur, like a rabbit. Cloudy was the kindest soul I’ve ever met; much loved, much missed. One of a kind.

Thanks for your good care of my pal. Laurie


January 13, 2014

We acquired "Jazz" when he was 8 years old from a client who couldn't keep him anymore. He immediately became our companion and a loving pet. He would greet clients in the lobby of our grooming shop and everyone loved him as well. He played "fetch the stick", vacationed with us and was always obedient, happy and loving. He passed last Friday at age 16 1/2. We will miss him terribly, but know he will be waiting for us on the other side.

Patricia Dee & Tom


December 3, 2013,

Dear Memory Lane:

I live in Prattsburgh, NY about 10 miles NW of the town of Urbana, NY in the Finger Lakes (near Keuka Lake). Thank you for helping with a urn/box for Gunner.

I am a USMC Veteran suffering from PTSD. I live alone and until recently I owned a Chocolate Lab I had named Gunner. My Psychologist at the VA had suggested I write a letter to Gunner as it might be of some help to me in my grief.

There is much to be said of the relationship between veterans and their pets. Gunner was not a certified "Service Dog," but he was a major stabilizing factor in my life. He was a very special dog.

This is our story.

I got Gunner when he was 3 months old. He was my first dog. I spent a lot of time, effort and love in training him and by the time he was 6 years old he was as good a dog as anyone could hope for. I was looking forward to many more years with him. He understood when I was upset and would interrupt me to play or get a brushing or a belly-rub or fetch his red "Kong" ball.

If I had a nightmare during the night he would stretch himself out next to me, or wake me up. Everyone loved him. He was good with other dogs and he was kind, young, and tough. He was beautiful.

But Gunner was an adventurous "country dog" and with a road in close proximity I had to take precautions. I tried an electronic fence but he would just go through it while it continued to shock him. So I got a training collar and hand-held transmitter which worked well. But I dreaded the possibility of an accident and always had an eye on his whereabouts. Letting him out after sunset worried me the most. Gunner was frequently slow to come when called at that time and seemed energized by the cooler temps as winter came.

So at around 8pm on Sunday November 10th (the USMC birthday) I let him out and after 10 minutes or so began pressing the beeper to call him in. No Gunner. So I went outside and called for him. I saw no lights of any vehicles approaching on the road but if I had, I knew that I would have about 30 seconds before they reached my house.

Shortly after, I heard the sound of an impact and a car had stopped. Despite my fear, I put on my coveralls and set out with my flashlight. It was very cold and windy and I was expecting to find the worst. My neighbors had also heard the impact and were out also. They thought it may have been a deer, but I told them Gunner was missing so we began to search. Someone thought they had heard a dog whine near the creek.

My flashlight caught the reflection of Gunners eyes. He was upright and I ran to him. "Its ok Gunner, I'm right here." I said. Gunner rolled onto his side and I checked him over. He was stunned and scared but with few visible signs of injury other than to his right leg. I wrapped my arms around him to keep him warm and comforted him.

We got him into a wheelbarrow and into the house and onto his bed. I called the vet and left a message. Gunner tried to walk a couple of times but couldn't. The vet called and after trying to asses his condition by phone, agreed he was somewhat stable. I arranged to bring him in the following morning.

I treated his superficial wounds and gave him crushed aspirin. I stayed up all night with him...monitoring his breathing which was somewhat labored between 35-45 breaths. About 7 am he seemed quite a bit better and I lay down next to him and fell asleep. The neighbor came first thing and by then Gunner was upright and alert. He even tried to bark at the knock on the door and wagged his tail. He drank quite a bit of water and I gave him more crushed aspirin.

So on Veterans Day I got him in the truck and took him the 25 miles to the vet. As I left I noticed his red "Kong" ball in the neighbors yard. He must have had it in his mouth when he was hit. I arrived at the vet and went inside. "My name is Cole and I have Gunner here, I need a stretcher." X rays showed no broken bones, but there was a pneumo thorax issue. And he had radial nerve paralysis to his right leg. I was hoping he would live, even if he lost the limb.

Gunner was still alert and through it all he never once cried, or whimpered. I reluctantly hugged him and told him I was leaving him there for a couple of days. I was barely holding myself together.

The next morning Nov 12 at 9 am they called and said he had turned critical and was possibly dying. 15 min later they called again to say he did not make it. He had collapsed on the exam table and died at 0915 on 11/12/13.

They wanted to do an autopsy for free so I agreed. But I specifically asked them not to give me the results for a few days. I was heartbroken and exhausted. I spent the day at a neighbor veterans house. When I returned I had 2 messages on my answering machine describing the autopsy report. I lost it and left them a message accusing them of mis-diagnosing and killing him. It had not been a pneumo thorax, but rather a hemo thorax. Gunners internal injuries were extensive and he would not have lived without emergency surgery to save him. The necropsy also stated that his heart had stopped....then started again, faintly before he died.

I called the VA the next morning and spoke with my doctor (Jim)....I had an appointment with him the following day but I cancelled, telling him I was exhausted and barely able to talk. He re scheduled me. I arranged for Gunners body to be cremated and settled up with vet for the bill.

The past couple weeks have been more difficult than I ever imagined. I feel stunned, heart-broken and alone. Despite much support I am just "muddling" through.

Two days ago I got the call and drove 50 miles through a snowstorm to get Gunners ashes from the vet. A tin about 6x4x4 weighing about 5 pounds (Gunner was 80 pounds). Gunner is home but I miss him terribly. My story, although tragic, is one of love and companionship with a very special dog. Writing this down is one way I can say good-by and I want people to know how special he was.


November 29, 2013

In Memory of Daisy

Daisy was my beautiful, loving, spectacular friend and companion for 9 of her 11 years--a golden chow (plus??) mix. She succumbed to cancer suddenly on November 21, 2013. I am heartbroken and shall miss her terribly.

I thank the emergency staff at Friendship Animal Hospital for their support in her last few hours, and I thank Jeannette at Heavenly Days for her kind understanding and gentle treatment of my sweet Daisy, and most of all I thank Daisy for gracing my life.

Barbara M.

Shadow Winchester

Paper and coin matter not.
Riches could not buy him.
He wears a crown of golden roses.

1994–September 17, 2013


On November 11th, 2013 I lost my best friend and our family dog Heisman unexpectedly. For eight years we went through college graduation, starting my first job, moves to the west coast, east coast, ending relationships to beginning relationships and eventually finding the perfect mom. Living in a studio apartment with me (sorry bud) to buying our first house with a yard. He became a big brother 2.5 years ago to our daughter Cora who adored him and he returned the love. Heisman was a 95 lbs baby with the biggest heart and mild manner temperament of anyone I have ever been around.

I was away on business in San Francisco on the night I got the call. Heavenly Days, helped me hold it together while we were working out the details. They were professional, sympathetic and caring.

To Heisman: I love you buddy! Search for the perfect stick for me to throw to you some day on dog beach and you better watch those Penn State games! You have a huge fan base down here missing you. I love you and I will carry you with me forever.

Love Dad, Mom & Cora


April 7, 1997 - September 25, 2013

What can you say about an animal that was a constant in your life for 16 years? That shared your bed, snagged bits of food off of your plate (she loved my chili!) as a snack, and sat next to me on the couch while I read, watched TV, etc. When I first got Leela, I thought that cats were rather aloof, rarely seen and somewhat finicky eaters. Leela blew those myths apart in a week! She was loyal, loving, and devoted.

Leela, sweetie, I miss you. I just hope that where you are now, there are crickets to stalk; daylillies to lay under; catnip to munch, and a warm sunny window sill. And no bossy tomcats to chase you around!



July 2001 - September 13, 2013

We were sad to let our little spunky goofball go, but we only wanted to stop his suffering. He enjoyed his beef knuckle more than any toy, and could out eat any dogs twice his size. He brought so much joy and warmth into our hearts. We already miss his silly snorts, sloppy chewing, and nights aren't the same without the snores from under mom's side of the bed. Mornings are the hardest when we don't have his wagging tail and happy stretching to start the day. His fur-siblings (Ruby & Maggie) miss him as well. We can be thankful that we had Dr. Negola's excellent care in his remaining days. We won't remember him as he left us, we will only remember him in his happier days when he was full of unconditional love and scavenging for any crumb of food that landed on the floor. Hugs and kisses to our silly little guy, we won't ever stop singing our silly songs in hopes that you can still hear them in the afterlife.

Eric & Liz
Gaithersburg, MD


March 26, 2011 - June 25, 2013

Today, my baby boy Ninja, had to be put to sleep due to be diagnosed with Saddle thrombus (an embolism at the base of the aorta), and his heart was failing.

I remember the first day that I got him; he was only 3 months old. He was a fluffy little guy, and he had the new apartment all to himself. He was a roamer, and he would do wall jumps and run after the laser. His favorite spot was the corner of my bed, and he loved chicken.

He was a great cat, from being my alarm clock in the morning for work, to begging me for some of my Dinner at night. I am going to cherish all the great memories that we had, and I will never forget them. I know that Rachel(other cat) is also going to miss you dearly, especially when you would run around and play chase.

We will miss you Ninja, and I know that you are now in a better place (Kitty Heaven). We love you.


This Is my Cat Oreo (for obvious reasons) she was like the black sheep of the family but we loved her. She was a very talkative cat love to be rubbed. We don't know how she died that hurts the most.

I love you Oreo and we will miss you because the house will be very quiet without you.

August 24 2009 - July 3 2013

(Ch. Yupik’s Lil Bit o’ Sass)
July 2, 1996 – January 5, 2013

Bernie joined the Foggy Bottom neighborhood (Washington DC) on Memorial Day weekend 2003.

She immediately made her presence felt on her first walk, receiving compliments, praise and admiration from multiple early evening strollers. She transitioned seamlessly to her new home, taking complete control in running the household and quickly taking on the roles of Foggy Bottom’s Goodwill Ambassador and Queen of the 26th Street Dog Park. During her 9 ½ years with us, she was instrumental in raising her adoptive brother and sister, Hondo and Trixie.

In her life before coming to us, she was a proud show champion and the mother of 19 wonderful puppies. In her passing we are finding out how many people before us knew and loved her and we are humbled. She was truly a source of good and happiness (as are most dogs) and will be truly missed.


July 16, 2012

Our beloved Crystal went to sleep in our home on June 11, 2012. She was 21 years old. We were fortunate to adopt her from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. We loved her beautiful white paws, her mackerel tabby stripes, and her quirky behavior.

She had an agressive tumor in her mouth, but lived for seven months after diagnosis.

We miss her greatly, but will always remember the happiness and companionship she brought to our lives. She was a remarkable cat--lovable and loving to the end.

It is a comfort to have her ashes with us now, and to know that she is still in the home she shared with us for so many years.

Carol F.
Bethesda, MD

Here is a photo of Crystal as a young cat.


Mike wanted to share Snoopy with everyone. He came to us March 2012 at the age of 16 years.
Melanie - Heavenly Days Grief Counselor

This past week, (March 7, 2012) we had to put our beloved Melanie to sleep. The leukemie lymphoma was really taking a toll on her.

Mel came to us because her owner died - usually its the other way around! - and she immediately became a grief counselor and friend to our other kitty Janet.

Although she was 24 pounds - we never really knew how old - we loved her dearly - and the two new kitties (Misty and Pumpkin) miss her too.


In Loving Memory

Grim Curious D.
November 9, 2007 - February 10, 2012
- What is Remembered Lives On -

Thank you for the support and remembering Grim.

Patricia D.


April 08,1996 - February 13, 2012

Zeebee came into my life when I was in the third grade, I am now almost 24 years old. He was named after a stuffed Zebra I had because I thought Zeebee looked a lot like him (being black and white.)

A lot of people can't seem to comprehend how an animal can be your best friend, well Zeebee was definitely mine. We shared cereal together in the morning, he would sit on the bathroom rug every day while I took my shower, and we slept together almost every night. As soon as I came home from work every night and he heard my car door close, he was waiting by the front door. We called him "my shadow." He brought so much joy into my life, he taught me how to love and appreciate animals. He was a big boy, very strong and intelligent. He loved to eat! I am guilty of feeding him table food, he loved cream cheese and would even eat potato chips! It was very difficult to see him lose interest in food in his final days. My mom passed away from a battle with cancer last year in May, and when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and cry- Zeebee was there. He never left my side and he brought me comfort during such a hard time.

I will be forever grateful of all the time we had together, I just wish it would have been more. I will never forget him; nor will I ever stop loving him. I love you, Zeebee.. and I miss you so very much. Rest peacefully, and remember; it's not goodbye.. it's see you later. Until we meet again, my beautiful boy. xoxo


July 10, 1994 to July 22, 2011

Our precious Max crossed over on July 22, 2011. He was with us for 17 years; we got him as a 6 week old puppy. We have no children and loved him like the hairy dog-boy that he was. He brought great warmth and joy to our home when he arrived and an unbelievable emptiness when he left.

Shortly after he turned 17, I had the sense he wasn't going to be with us much longer. I could see he was having more and more difficulty moving around, despite everything we tried to do to keep him comfortable. I always told him, "you go when you need to go, but not one minute sooner". In the end, he made the decision clear for me. I am very grateful that our vet came to our home and that Max passed quickly and easily.

I was always so worried about the ending....I didn't realize how hard it would be afterwards. I miss him so much and see him everywhere in the house, in the yard and on the deck where he loved to lay in the sun. I miss looking in his eyes and rubbing his ears. I miss the way he would wag his little tail stump when he would see me. I miss the sound of him snoring in his dog bed while I read the paper in the morning. I miss wrapping my arms around him and kissing the top of his head. I miss his doggie kisses.

I try to take comfort in thinking that, wherever he is, he is young again and free of aches and pains. I imagine I see him flying past me, running after his ball. I still talk to him all the time. I hope he hears me. I hope I see him again. Goodnight, my little lamb-chop. Your Mommy loves you, now and always.


I made the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life on November 22, 2011 as I accepted that my closest and best friend was suffering too much. Rudy, I couldn't have found a more perfect companion to go with me on my journey through my mid-20's and 30's. How you came into my life on September 30, 2001 was happenstance on its surface but I truly believe that God matched us perfectly. You rolled with everything that life brought my way and you showed me the unconditional love that I don't think a human could ever recieve short of being from their mother. You taught me so much about trust, patience and forgiveness. I will never forget all of our road trips, our walks around the lake and our snoring competitions. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for allowing Kyser to transition into the household so easily. You never liked being with other dogs so much until him and I appreciate you teaching him all you did and entertaining all of his rambunctious antics. We both feel your absence around here and miss you dearly. We love you and will never, ever forget the Perfect Pug you were! I'll love you always!

Rudolph "Rudy" V.
Little One

Today I lost my best feline friend. Little One Haskins was born on March 2, 2004 and departed this world with me by his side and his paw in my hand on October 11, 2011.

I knew this day would come but I had no idea it would be today. Little One was only 7 years old. I had no idea he had diabetes. The irony is that I also have diabetes. Had I known earlier, He and I could have tag teamed this stupid disease together. All of the what if's and maybes in the world can't bring you back to me, but in between tears I've spent my day reminiscing about all our crazy antics and looking at old photos.

As you closed your eyes that final time, I whispered in your ear and told you I loved you. You never judged me, always loved me, and always knew when I wasn't at my best, and always tried your hardest to make me smile. I always tried to give you the same in return. To say that this is hard is an understatement. Little One, you were more than just a pet. You were family. More than that, you were simply the best cat known to man. You are so sorely missed. Pooda and Buttons miss you too.

I love you Fat Boy!

Rest in Paradise.


You came in to our lives 16 years ago and filled the house with love and joy.

It will not be the same without you. We will miss your personality, your loving nature and your spunk. You had a mind of your own and were such a strong girl to the very end. You lost your ability to eat and drink at the end, and I was proud to hold you tightly in my arms and kiss you and whisper in your ear how much I loved you as the vet gave you your shot to put you to rest.

You will never be replaced and will forever live in our hearts. Your little dog "brothers" miss you, too.

Rest peacefully, our sweet Shelby.

02/24/1995 - 07/15/2011

Dear Millie,

I can't possibly imagine what or how you suffered before they rescued you from the middle of nowhere. I have often asked myself what kind of person could abandon a helpless innocent like you. Furthermore, how could a person abuse you as was revealed to us with your mind and body? I felt your pain from the moment I saw your precious face and I vowed to heal your despair with love. I soon discovered that your past life could not destroy your ability to express love. You are proof that love cannot be destroyed in the face of cruelty or it's aftermath.

You made us laugh and brought joy to all of us. You tried so hard to rise above the strife and often times it proved to be too arduous a task for you. Even still, I want to believe that our love helped to heal the wounds buried so deep within your soul. We were only given four short years with you. But, in that time we became better people and animals because of you. Yes, Mooner and Peaches learned a lot from you too. You were our teacher, our friend, our Angel of Love. Millie, there is an empty space now that you once filled and we miss you so much.

On March 23rd, 2010 with arms encircling you, I wrapped my love around you hoping and praying that we made a difference for you. As I felt you leave your body, I felt the peace you never had while you were here. As much as I so dearly wanted to, I knew this was a mile I couldn't walk with you. So, I prayed and asked God to send as many angels as he could to help you make the transition. After our goodbye I went outside and looked to the sky. I felt a love so pure and rich all around me. It was you, my beautiful, sweet Millie.

Millie, yes you were adopted and I know you felt like an outsider at times. But Millie, you were as much a part of our family as anyone else. You were and are a gift, a wonderful treasure that lives in our hearts. We thank God for the time you graced our lives.

We will love you, always and forever,


P.S. I'm not sure how God arranges these things. But, they somehow happen. Within the first hour after you passed, you found a way to express your love. I hold this gift close to my heart. And Millie, I feel the same way about you.

~Carol M.


Harley died on Wed 2/24/2010 at the age of 14 1/2. He died at home in my arms after being diagnosed with serious heart problems about 8 months ago. Everyone laughed at Harley because of his name, big name for such a little dog. Harley made up for his size in many ways, he was my best friend, he was loved by our neighbors. When we took our walk every morning,he would stop and visit with neighbors, he loved them petting him and talking to him. Sometimes I would let him go outside alone [I would keep an eye on him] and he would take a stroll and one day a little kitten followed him home and I said Harley, no bringing any friends home, it was so cute. Harley was not like most chihuahuas, he did not bark at other animals or people, he was like a little person walking around. When I would come home, he would be there waiting for me, later in years his hearing got bad and he couldn't hear me come in, but as soon as he saw me he ran to greet me. He was always at my feet, everytime I moved, there he was at my feet, I fell over him many times. My Harley, My friend, My baby, My little boy, My old man, you were all these things to me. I love and miss you dearly.

~ Anne C.

Buffalo Bill Cody McComb

Our beloved cat Codyman was put down on Monday, June 22, 2009. It was probably one of the hardest things my husband and I had to do, because we also had to put down his younger sister “Chloe” that same day as well. So our family has gotten really small really quick. Codyman has been with us since he was six months old, and on October 31, 2009 he would have been 17 years old.

I remember the day we brought you home. You were all by yourself in the pet store, and you were so eager to be adopted. That you could hardly wait to get out of the cage. I remember them bringing you from around back; you climbed right up my shoulders. And you made yourself quite comfortable on my shoulders.

And that was it; you were coming home with us, for some reason you knew that would make me melt. Then Alan said we should get you a spiked collar and call you “Butch”……….. Of course that wasn’t going to be your name, he was kidding.

So we took you home with us that day, and you have been with us from that day forward. It didn’t take long to figure out your name, Buffalo Bill Cody. And you filled that name quite well. But we called you Cody for short.

We have been through a lot together. Some ups, and downs, but we have all pulled through together. And Cody you have been there through it all, never judging any of us.

But the time came when Cody said it was time, and we knew we needed to say our good-bye’s. Cody you lived a great life, full of fun and excitement. You were king of the castle, ruler of the roost, but most of all you had a big heart.

Cody you will be missed like you won’t believe. I/we know that Smokey was there waiting for your arrival, so you weren’t alone. You will never be forgotten, Cody you are forever in our hearts.

Buffalo Bill Cody McComb
In Our Hearts For All Time
10-31-1992 – 6-22-2009

~Laura & Alan

Chloe "Pooh" McComb

One of our beloved cats Chloe was put down on Monday, June 22, 2009. It was probably one of the hardest things my husband and I had to do, because we also had to put down her older brother “Cody” that same day as well. So our family has gotten really small really quick. Chloe has been with us since she was around six months old, and she was 15 years old.

We remember when you came into our lives, some friends of ours were moving, and could not take you along. And they asked Alan if he would take you. And of course he said yes, besides Cody needed a playmate. However for the first few weeks no-one saw you. You hid under the bed for those few weeks, and eventually you broke down and came out of hiding.

I remember Alan saying “Wow, who are you” to this little black ball of fur. And it didn’t take you long to become queen of the castle either. You were always a good kitty. I remember when you would sleep with Alan, or head butt me, or chew on my hair. Those are the things that we will miss the most about you Chloe. I remember sitting on the couch watching TV and you would come and give little head butts throughout the movie to Alan and I.

But the time came when Chloe also said it was time, and we knew we needed to say our good-bye’s to her as well. Chloe you lived a great life, full of fun and excitement. You were the queen, and you always had a big heart.

Chloe you will be missed like you won’t believe. I/we know that Smokey and Cody were there waiting for your arrival, so you weren’t alone. You will never be forgotten, Chloe you are forever in our hearts.

Chloe “Pooh” McComb
In Our Hearts For All Time
2-14-1994 – 6-22-2009

~Laura & Alan


And so it goes with man and their friends, Sometimes it lasts from beginning to end; Soft and gentle with sharp teeth and claws, He never once to me raised a paw! If he had been human we could have been lovers, Most of the time I preferred him to all others! His love for me was even, constant and true; As it was through our lives since when he was new; For sixteen short years, in sickness and health, he never complained be it lean times or wealth; We traveled together, boat, car and train, Now he leaves me a heart full of pain; And so it goes with man and their friends, All good things must come to an end. I will always love and miss you my little feline friend! Dedicated to my late best friend and Oogie’s first caretaker, Craig M.

~ Jamie W., 1/18/09

Smokey Joe McComb

My beloved cat Smokey, who I called “Bubby”, was put down on November 18, 2008. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I still have a hard time finding words to express how I feel without my friend, buddy, and companion here anymore.

Smokey was my shadow, which is one thing I will miss; I will also miss all of our talks. We used to have talks that would go one for quite a while. And if he had something to say well, you’d better listen. He was also my sleeping companion. My husband didn’t really care for that too much since he had to share me, but he accepted the fact that Smokey was here to stay.

He also always greeted me at the door when I came home from work; if I was working on the computer he was there to help me out. If it was work related, he made sure my numbers matched. And if I was playing a game he helped make sure the bad guys didn’t get me.

He was also an excellent mouser; he loved those catnip filled mice. I could throw them down the hallway and he would chase them down and bring them back. Sometimes he would hold onto them though like they were his prize and those were always fun to step on in the middle of the night.

However one day we noticed that Smokey was breathing rough and coughing, so we took him to our vet, Dr. Rosen “The Feline Veterinary Clinic”, Falls Church, VA and started to treat him for what we thought was a typical cold. But that wasn’t the case, so our vet took X-Rays of his lungs. His poor lungs looked like they had blizzards going on in them.

Our vet then referred us to an oncologist at South Paws, Fairfax, VA, we knew then there were big issues ahead. And we knew at that point we were dealing with quality of life issues. So I/we treated my Smokey Joe like a king up until the very last moment. He at least deserved that much for his last days..

In these difficult times it was nice to see that Smokey was well taken care of by your organization. We have other furry little friends in our household, and when we took a couple of them in on Friday, December 5, 2008 for their check ups, I was able to pick up Smokey. I was completely taken back by the way Smokey was presented to me.

I also was quite taken back by the donation made in Smokey’s honor to the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County. But I think most of all was the guardian angel pin that I received from you all. That really hit home and brought tears flowing. I truly appreciate it, and I wear it proudly on my badges at work. So this way my Smokey Joe is with me always. Thanks again for everything you did to help make this a little easier to deal with.

Smokey Joe, Alan and I along with your Brothers and Sister miss you so very, very much, it just isn’t the same in the house without you here. You are forever in our hearts my faithful friend and companion.

Smokey was born on March 23, 1996, a solid gray kitten with very big ears and a kink in his tail, but with a very big heart. You will always be remembered that way, my furry little friend.

Smokey Joe McComb
In Our Hearts For All Time
3-23-1996 – 11-18-2008

~ Laura


My wonderful, fat cat Lucky was put to sleep Sunday, September 21st at Friendship Animal Hospital in Washington, DC.

I adopted this cat 2 years and 4 months ago when he was already ten years of age. He was the cat at the DC shelter that nobody wanted. He was rude, surly, and huge. He had already developed a bad case of ear polyps and I was told it was only a matter of time before he developed feline diabetes. When I found out his previous owner had died, I couldn't say no, so Lucky and I came home together. When I let him out of his carrier, he ran off and disappeared under my bed, not to be seen for the rest of the day. When I came home from work the next day, Lucky was sprawled out in front of the TV...he officially "owned" my house. The picture of him here is from that night. From that moment on, his entire demeanor changed. He had turned, overnight, into the most loving and wonderful cat I could ever imagine having. He would wake me up every morning at the same time for his food, and would greet me every night at the door when I got home. He would follow me from room to room and was always ready to sit on my lap. I was truly rewarded for taking a risk and adopting him.

The decision to let him go was the most difficult thing I have had to do so far in my life, but I know it was the right thing to do. I would urge anyone reading this to go ahead and take a chance on the old pet that nobody else wants. You just might be rewarded with a wonderful companion like I was.

I'll miss you, fat cat...



Dixie was a one-of-a-kind cat. She was born with all the Manx characteristics that she got from her father. Her mother had a tryst with a neighborhood rogue Manx and Dixie was the only recipient in a litter of 4 with of his characteristics. She had a stub of a tail and would fight with her back legs. Otherwise, she was a great mouser and a beloved family pet. She had her share of living 9 lives. We didn't know she was under the hood of the family truck one Sunday when we were loaded and ready to go to church. When the engine started up, it knocked her out and when she recovered, she ran and hid somewhere in the back woods for several days until she felt strong again. That was when she was three and she had many more incidents after that but she lived through them all until she was 18 ½. She went to sleep quietly in the front yard one Monday afternoon and we laid her to rest in the back yard near the rabbit, cockatiel and the Jack Russel terrier who all came after her and went before her. We keep her picture near and while we miss her lots we are raising 2 adopted kittens, one of which looks like her, but none will replace her.

~ Candice H.


We had to put our beloved Tabitha to sleep due to an infection on Sunday August 24, 2008. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. She just looked at me and it was in her eyes that she was tired of suffering, although she fought to the end. Once I reassured her that it was OK to pass on she went calmly with dignity and without any suffering. She was 19 years old and she spent all 19 years with my husband and I.

When I adopted her from the SPCA in Pennsylvania in 1990 they said she would be euthanized next, I adopted her that day and she had 19 years of a wonderful life. She will be sadly missed by her companian cat, Samantha. She survived having her thyroid removed 5 years ago and bravely took insulin shots for diabetes twice a day for the past year.

She loved to lay in the sun every morning and in front of the fireplace on cold winter evenings. My home will never be the same without her to greet me with a friendly "Meo" at the door when I came home from work. She wes kind, and loved people especially kneeding on everyone and giving little kitty massages.

We love you Tabitha and we will see you again in a better place where your not suffering anymore.


Dear Whitney,

I am trying to make it through another day without you and I had someone tell me today that you were "Just a Dog"!

I will have to agree with the fact that you are Just a Ddog! But let me add a little something.....

You were Just a Dog that I lived with for the last 15 years!

You were Just a Dog that I took a walk with every morning and every evening!

You were Just a Dog that I had breakfast with every morning!

You were Just a Dog that waited for me to return home from work every day patiently!

You were Just a Dog that loved anyone that showed you Attention!

You were Just a Dog that loved to have dinner with me every night!

You were Just a Dog that loved to cuddle with Rick & I to watch TV every night!

You were Just a Dog that loved her treats before bed time!

You were Just a Dog that climbed into our bed every night for a good night's sleep!

Sleep my darling for you were just the best dog one could wish for!!!!

You were Just Our Dog!

Corey & Rick

Esmeralda - "Keeka"

My beloved cat Esmeralda, whom I called "Keeka" passed away on May 31, 2008 at the age of 17. She was a beautiful sweet loving eight pound kitty who was very sensitive. She was totally black and had one green eye and one yellow eye. I adopted her at age 8 and immediately fell in love with this little kitty. When my mom passed away about two years ago and I would be grieving, Keeka appeared to be sensative to my grief and would crawl in my lap, crawl up my chest and rub her face against mine and purr. She would sleep next to me at night and I would fall asleep to her sweet purr. I miss her more than I can ever say and am still grieving for her. In time I will adopt another cat. I want to thank Heavenly Days Crematory for helping me during my period of grief and loss. Thanks to my Keeka I know what a comfort it is to love and be loved by a cat.

~ Karen W.


Yukio died of lymphoma on April 11, 2008. He was 17 years old. I got him and Andre, his brother/litter mate, when they were kittens. Since then, they have been my family.

Yukio was a beautiful, affectionate, idiosyncratic cat. Andre and I miss him terribly.

I am indescribably sad about losing Yukio.

~ Nancy D.


Our darling and beloved boy, Dallas, went to Heaven on 12/9/2005. He was 12 years old. He had liver cancer. We took him for chemo treatment but the doctor said the treatments weren't working. They said he would not get better so we had to let him go to Heaven.

Dallas, you were a joy. Nothing bothered you. You were a great brother to Domino, Dimples and Darcie. You would come to bed with me each night. I had to pick you up and move you off the comforter because you pretended you couldn't do it. Remember how this became a game that we played each night. Remember how I would kiss you on top of your head and tell you how much I loved you. We had so much fun together. I don't have enough words to tell you how much I love you and miss you. You were the first of my angels to leave me and the pain was unbearable. You were a good cat. There will never be another like you. You were Mommy's boy.

Dallas, your Daddy and I will love you till the end of time. You will wait for us and we will cross that Rainbow Bridge together. We will see you again.

Dallas, we will love you always...

Dallas W.
January 21, 1993 - December 9, 2005

~ Esther & Ricardo W.


My beloved little boy, Domino, went to Heaven on 2/24/07. He was 9 years old. He had a bad heart. A blood clot went to his back legs and he was paralyzed. We rushed him to the Emergency Hospital but the Vet said there was nothing that could be done. We had to say good bye to him and he went to Heaven.

Dominio, you were my little boy. I remember how you would come to bed with me at night and lay beside me. When your brother, Dallas, went to Heaven you decided each night I had to get a bath since your brother was no longer around. You would lick my face and take your paws and pat my face. I would shed tears because I knew how much you missed your brother. You were a good cat. You were a loving cat. You were my little boy. You would walk around the house without a care in the world. You were a darling angel. When you looked at me with that sweet innocent face, it would melt my heart.

Dominio, your Daddy and I will miss you forever. You were a sweetheart. GOD how I miss you. You will wait for us and we will cross that Rainbow Bridge togeher. GOD Bless you my sweet little boy and rest in peace until we meet again.

Domino we will love you always....

Dominio W.
March 15, 1997 - February 24, 2007

~ Esther & Ricardo W.

Darcie (Pumpkin)

Our darling little girl, Darcie, went to Heaven on 4/10/07. She was 12 years old. She had to leave us because her heart and kidneys could last no longer.

She was such a sweet precious angel. She was Mommy's "Pumpkin". She was smart as a whip. She would tilt her head to the side when you talked to her and she would listen to every word you had to say. She understood every word that was said to her. There is so much I can say about her but my heart is to heavy. My heart aches for her. She was as sweet and precious as they come. There will never be another like my Pumpkin.

Pumpkin, Mommy and Daddy will always miss you and love you forever. You will be waiting for us and then we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Pumpkin we will love you always ----

Darcie (Pumpkin) W.
January 3, 1995 - April 10, 2007

~ Esther & Ricardo W.


Our beloved little girl, Dimples, went to Heaven unexpectedly on August 27, 2007. She was 12 years old. She would have been 13 years old on August 29, 2007.

She left us to join brothers and sister in Heaven while we were away on vacation. The pain will never go away that we weren't home for her.

She was the most adorable loving pet. She was cute as can be. She was Daddy's girl. Her Daddy called her the "Dimp". She would dance around on her little feet to entertain us or when she wanted her food. She would love to sit in our laps, look at us and grin showing her cute little teeth. She was such a joy. She was always with us. She didn't walk...she would prance. She loved to take pictures. I would have to say "Dimples that's enough pictures for today".

She was a little sister to Dallas (cat) who went to heaven on 12/9/05. She was big sister to Domino (cat) who went to heaven on 2/24/07, to Darcie (dog) who went to heaven on 4/10/07 and to DiDi's best friend and DiDi was there when she went to Heaven. DiDi still morns the lost of her sister and her best friend. We will always mourn you Dimples because you brought so much love and joy to all of our lives.

Mommie and Daddy will love you forever and the hole in our hearts will NEVER go away. We will never know why you left us so unexpectedly but the Vet did let us know you did not suffer and you went peacefully in your sleep.

Dimples, we will love you to the end of time. You will wait for us then we will cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will see you again....

Dimples we will love you always....

Dimples "Dimp" W.
August 29, 1994 - August 27, 2007

~ Esther & Ricardo W.


My boy, Shadow, died on April 11, 2007 and I can hardly find the words to express the depth of my loss.

Among the things I most miss is when he would greet me at the top of the steps with one of his stuffed animals in his mouth. This came to be affectionately known as "offerings."

Shadow offered and gave me so much that I wanted to offer him something in return for the years of joy and happiness he gave me. This offering took the form of the following poem:

Four little paws, so soft and pink they could not stay,
They would come to love long walks and years of play.
Your every discovery our joy anew,
Your every bark rang sweet and true.
As you grew, you learned to sit and stay,
And discovered your obsession, the ball,
Come on, let's play!
We loved you hard for twelve years.
Where did the time go?
Left behind to mourn you absence....
Until we meet again,
Your photograph will have to do.
Your every memory a treasured
Paw print on the Shadow of our hearts.

I love you and I miss you so much Buster, I can hardly breath sometimes. I know your passing was the only way to stop your pain, I'll miss your sweet bark, your funny little way you jumped up in my lap and made me feel better when I was down. I'll miss our walks together and every moment in between.

You will be in my heart always, and i know we will see again someday, we will find our golf course in Heaven to walk on, and I'll never leave you again.

My beloved baby boy, it was a pleasure being your mama. Thank you for picking me. You were such a good little boy.

Lady is looking for you. Dixie, Maggie, LewLew and Daddy send their love.

I'll never forget you, I'll think of you everyday of my life.

Goodbye baby. I love you so much!

~ Mama (Eileen N.)

Sammy "Prince "

It is with a heavy heart that
we are sharing this with you all.
We love Sammy so much we
wanted you to know.
Our Beautiful Sammy Cat
It's amazing how one little
soul can bring so much love into your
Heart and Your Life.

He truly had a beautiful soul.
He had such an unbelievable personality.
Sometimes we would laugh so
hard we couldn't breathe,
Today we cried so hard
it took our breath away.
He will for us always be our beautiful boy
chasing the warm sunshine.

Sammy "Prince" P.
December 11, 1991
May 16, 2007