The Heavenly Days Staff

Linda Buel - owner
Linda grew up in Bethesda in a family that loved boxers, and she worked as a school teacher before realizing that animals were her calling. In 1978, she opened a pet hotel in Rockville. The next year, when Montgomery County shut down its crematorium for animals, she decided to start Heavenly Days.
Greg started with Linda back in 1982. He worked for both the pet hotel and Heavenly Days up until 1997, then he had to leave for a few years. He came back in 2003 and you might find Greg out on the road driving around picking up or delivering, or maybe at his desk answering your phone calls, to working the web site, or he might be behind the scene getting locks of hair, doing paw prints or running the cremators.

Greg has two pets....
Honey, a mix boxer/french mastiff (like the dog from "Turner & Hooch", but smaller).
Samantha, newest addition to the family. A bull terrier, like the Target dog, but tan in color, and no bulls-eye.

Jeanette started with Linda back in 1998 working for the pet hotel and Heavenly Days.

You will probably get Jeanette when you call our office. She has been called "such a kind and lovely person", "so comforting over the phone", "caring and compassionate", just to name a few.

Jeanette came to Heavenly Days after working with the phone company for 33 years.

Jeanette has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

When not working, Jeanette loves to read, shop and of course cooking and baking for her large family.

Jake is a rescue and comes to work everyday with Linda. He helps clients with their grief by demanding to be petted and loved. So many people say how comforting it is to be surrounded by such loveable animals.
Hi, my name is Honey. I come to work with Greg and Samantha everyday.

When you come back to the office, you will see me peeking from under my (Greg's) desk. Also, you will see ALL my frisbee's outside in Heavenly's Memorial Pet Garden, Rose Garden and parking lot. Also I have some at my desk, but they are up on top and out of my reach. Greg even has some locked in the trunk of his car. Oh yeah, I have a lot at home too !!

You can always bring me a new one... Woof :-)

Hello, my name is Samantha. I'm the newest kid (dog) on the block.

Greg and Honey took me into their home and work. I get to share Honey's desk and her toys. She even lets me play with her frisbees now.

I am so happy to be with the both of them, my tail is always wagging. They both love me sooo much.